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About Us

About Us

About KobiEfor Economy-Industry Magazine
is a monthly economy-industry magazine has steady distributed nationwide published  since 1999 in Turkey  with the vision of being a SME authority that has become an international brand with the mission of contributing more and more power to the SMEs’s competition  in global transformation. Its average circulation is 15.000 and it has 12.000 institutional and individual subscribers. In addition it transmits 3000 protocols to the administrative staff and decision makers of economy in Turkey.


It is also Turkey's first digital e-magazine site to the upper points in world and Turkey rank. There are 5.830.854 readers (as of 29.02.2024). The most important detail is here,  daily pages views per visitor is to each 10 pages and daily time on site is about 14: 46. 

KobiEfor “Wisdom power of competition”
KobiEfor is the first online publish in Turkey. With its different content and being a niche in its field, Its aim; to increase its contribution to the economy of the country to the maximum level by increasing the power of global competition that emerges based on being an innovative and creative potential; using information and communication technologies; developing product, technology and quality of entrepreneurs and investors dynamic of Turkey. 

Core Competency of KobiEfor
It is the Organized Industrial Zones and Small Industrial Areas form the stage of establishment to the stage of operating. It has the solution and strategic partnership based on the cooperation and union of forces with Free Zones, Techno Parks, Non-governmental Organizations, Universities, Embassies and Public Institutes - Organizations. It has successfully carried out many events and organizations bringing the entrepreneurs and those who want to reach them together and provided the continuity of them. In addition, from the Entrepreneurs and investors, KobiEfor has the share of ‘’wisdom power’’ of their growth and development.
Therefore, KobiEfor relationship with SMEs and entrepreneurs a close partnership is based on organic dialogues exceeding its relationship with media-reader relationships. With this qualification, KobiEfor is a power cooperation and communication platform of the business world and also the success of our magazine has been awarded many times.